Let us make time for the small wonders of the World

Birds: Small Wonders of the World but often unnoticed by many. On a trip to Kumbhalgarh last month en route to the resort, I told the cab driver to drive slowly so I can spot a few birds of Aravalli hills. We had to stop now and then to get a better look at those beautiful, colorful beings. My friend who was traveling with me thought I was crazy. She asked, ‘of all things, why are you interested in birds?’ It is true that as a tourist you are expected to take note of places and people, but birds?

My reason is simple: We all share the same living space and I am curious to know a bit more about my fellow earth mates.

A dark brown bird with black head and red vent was the first I paid attention to. This was in Wayanad two years back. On reaching home, I did an image search and figured out it was a red vented bulbul. Since then I have spotted a variety of bulbuls, sunbirds, kingfishers, herons, Indian robin, Indian roller, flycatchers to name a few. Though it is not much, I feel a sense of elation with every single bird I get to know and my association with birds has just begun.

Pied Bush Chat spotted at Hortain Plains National Park, Sri Lanka

Pied Bush Chat spotted at Horton Plains National Park, Sri Lanka

Red-vented Bulbul; Source: wikimedia.org

Red-vented Bulbul; Source: Wikimedia

While searching online for birding trails in South India, I came across ‘Elephant song trail’ conducted by Eco tourism department of Kerala in Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary. The trek is popular among bird watchers. In response to my call they said, cost per person is 200 INR for a 02 hours trek, for a minimum of 05 people on weekdays at any time of the year. Here is more information on Parambikulam – http://www.ecotourismkeralam.org/parambikulam.html

You can register for the trek through Kerala tourism information center at Parambikulam – 09442201690. Between people and places making time for these small wonders will definitely be worth the time.


4 thoughts on “Let us make time for the small wonders of the World

  1. Nice post div..
    Fyi, i have been to parambikulam wildlife sanctuary on Jan 2012. Its really beautiful place for a short trip that too if its weekend. Also well suited for those who want to taste the bliss of nature in weekends. Group of 3 booked the package at http://www.parambikulam.org/ Had very nice time..

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