Parambikulam Tiger Reserve – for the real wildlife experience in Kerala

By the efforts of Kerala Forest department, Parambikulam was declared a Tiger Reserve in 2010. To provide authentic wildlife experience and to promote eco-tourism, they have set up a few tents made of recyclable materials for visitors, right at the center of the forest.


Tent accommodation at the reserve


I booked one of these tents and woke up the next morning to an experience I would forever cherish. The various tunes from around my tent got me excited and I thought sleeping a waste of time. It was still dark when I stepped outside the tent. As it dawned, the area in front of me was dotted with peacocks. Sounds of cicadas, lion-tailed macaques, and jungle babblers were distinct. Walking for 10 minutes, I halted to see the many groups of spotted deers. On hearing ruffles from top of the trees, I noticed lion-tailed macaques swinging from branch to branch. It became all the more colorful when woodpeckers, bulbuls and parakeets appeared everywhere. It was beautiful.

DSC_0156 DSC_0007


Jungle safari view


Spotted Deers

What I learnt about the reserve: It is a Bird Watcher’s paradise. So much so, Ornithologists had come with recorded sounds of birds, played them and had variety of birds hang around in the campus in order to study them.

There are also many other of interesting activities – Jungle safari into the heart of the forest with a stopover at Dam view point, bamboo rafting in Parambikulam (still-water rafting in the rain was particularly awesome), Tribal dance at a hall in tribal colony, bird watching, a trek deep into the jungle (just 10 mins to reach our destination, Karianshola, we were made to run for our lives by a herd of elephants) and most interesting of all, storytelling by native tribes who are in charge of the place.



Still-water rafting in the rain…note the water-logged raft




Footprints of Bear


Relished a hot cup of tea from this very stall at Parambikulam tribal colony


This reserve is a place where Men and wildlife live in harmony, effortlessly.


19 thoughts on “Parambikulam Tiger Reserve – for the real wildlife experience in Kerala

  1. Hey, thanks for this informative post . This is a gem in Kerala and I had never heard of it before. Looks lovely, fresh and lush….

  2. Excellent narration Div…I have also been there 2 years back..Its excellent place to enjoy the weekend with wildlife. I m really fortunate to see a leopard (while going in car, entering the accommodation) & a black panther (At the end of the safari, entering the accommodation) in the same day …Flooded with peacocks, deers.. Awesome place to visit…!! 🙂

  3. I have been to parambikulam wildlife santuary and visited all the places that you have mentioned. Really an awesome experience. only regret I have is I didnt get an opportunity to stay in those beautiful huts. I really want to enjoy and experience WILD. I will be really glad, if you can help me out with that. Share the contact number or tell me how to arrange the accomodation.

  4. I hafd been here once,
    and I loved the place..!!
    Mostly near the dam,
    at sun rise..!!
    All mist and chill, but blending into nature..!! 🙂

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